Sports & recreation

Professional cleaning and disinfection in the sports & recreation sector

We need to be able to rely on clean and hygienic surroundings everywhere guests are received, recreational visitors seek adventure and relaxation and sportsmen exercise their hobby or professional activities. In places where so many people come together, it is a very challenging task to efficiently deploy time and money. The reward of cost-effective deployment is an optimal measurable result by sharing our expertise with you. The right products, proper methods and clear work instructions ensure that the necessary work activities become manageable routines

Carefree clean

In your sector, clean and hygienic surroundings are part of your day-to-day responsibilities. Customers expect you to take this concern seriously to safeguard their well-being and protect their valuables. Your company stands to gain from good hygiene because this contributes to more guests and higher earnings. Our expert consultants are glad to offer advice on professional cleaning and disinfection. If needed, we can provide training to obtain the best results in, among other things, pool hygiene, bungalow maintenance and mass catering cleaning.

Complete relaxation

Your guests need clean and hygienic surroundings to really relax. As soon as everything has been cleaned and disinfected with our products, we can also provide special scent and “milk” products tailor-made for your sector. Our concentrated aromatic substances for saunas and steam baths alleviate breathing, stimulate perspiration and are fully compatible with automatic dosing systems.

A real holiday

Customer satisfaction begins with clean and hygienic surroundings. It will not surprise you that this is not an easy task. As sports & leisure market specialists, we are there to help you efficiently deploy your time and resources. You need to deliver clean and hygienic accommodations to new guests in the shortest time possible. Your problem is our challenge, our expertise allows us to help you obtain the best results and save on financial investments.

Sport facilities

Because sports facilities receive a high number of visitors and cover big surfaces, they require a major effort to clean and to keep clean. In addition to the right products, we also provide you with a comprehensive package of auxiliary materials and equipment to facilitate cleaning. Our consultants are there to support you in the field. Together, we can identify all necessary activities and the current use of time and financial resources and subsequently offer you advice for the best results and ways to save on costs. We can provide you with clear work instructions and, if needed, train your staff to obtain the best results.

Recreational pool hygiene

Economic considerations apply to all aspects of a company. To prolong the life of all materials, it is necessary to keep all areas properly clean and hygienic. The tailor-made Herli products can assist you in this. Cleaning and disinfecting all the areas where your customers move is of major importance to safeguard their health and to sustain your business income. You need products that do not pose a health risk or damage to materials while preventing the formation of deposits of body grease, calcium, and organic and inorganic substances. Herli produces liquid flocculants and cleaning products for water facilities. The special Herli flocculants bind organic matter and phosphates to form a very dense floc that can be easily intercepted and flushed. Installation pipes and filters need a reliable flow in order to keep the water pure or to be able to properly clean it.