Hotel sector

Professional cleaning and disinfection in the hotel sector

The ever-growing development of the hospitality sector is attractive for you as an entrepreneur, but it also brings additional challenges. To increase your number of guests in this expanding market, you need to stay one step ahead of the competition. Your enterprise is rated on a daily basis and your guests’ high rankings directly influence the number of visits to your establishment. Your guests greatly value clean and hygienic surroundings. It is a challenge to gain high; a challenge in which Herli supports you by providing you the right products, proper methods and clear work instructions.

Better results in the hotel sector

Clean and hygienic premises are of prime importance for your work area. To guarantee these core values, you need the right products and methods. To deploy your resources effectively, it is very important to obtain optimal results. Your sector is constantly and closely monitored by your customers. Herli knows how to get better customer ratings by offering cleaner and more hygienic premises. We can help you to obtain these results.

Proven solutions

Our branch expertise and the development and production of our own cleaning agents and disinfectants makes it possible for us to support you in offering added value to your guests. Our consultants in the field evaluate the results of periodical control measurements so you always know where you stand and are ensured of stable results. If needed, we can also train your staff, so you are always assured of professional work standards and the proper use of the right products.

Grow with your needs

To meet your guests’ expectations, you need to deploy your resources effectively to meet the challenges of ever-changing circumstances. The sleeping quarters, the bathrooms, the restaurant, and additional facilities in your work area: to be in order. The periodical and daily cleaning of all parts of your establishment contribute to your income in an indirect, but evident way. Time is money and when your valuable time is not used effectively, a chain reaction is set in motion. For instance: if the room change cleaning takes too much time because of the wrong use of products, methods, or inaccurate work instructions, you are wasting money unnecessarily, moreover, left with too little time for other cleaning tasks. And when your guests feel that the general areas, restaurants, or other facilities are not clean and hygienic enough, this may pose risks for your earnings too. Growth requires the effective coordination of all facets of your business and Herli can support you in keeping all guest areas clean and hygienic. Together with you, we can identify and map all your business activities and risk. We can offer you the right mix of products, methods, and work instructions to clean and disinfect every part of your premises. In this way, you can continue to offer added value.

Exceed expectations

Our country alone counts more than 18000 hotels with a combined total of 600.000 rooms. With the expected increase in the current occupancy rate of +77% in the coming years, you will want to exceed your customers’ expectations to achieve higher occupancy rates amidst growing competition. Herli can help you offer added value with clean and hygienic premises.

Life cycle

The durability of all surfaces and materials in your business is subject to life cycle decline inherent to producers’ and suppliers’ choice of materials. Intensive use and daily cleaning cause higher rates of wear on surfaces and materials, therefore, it is very important to use high-quality cleaning agents and disinfectants that do not damage surfaces and materials. Herli products have been specially developed and extensively tested for this purpose and contain no, or minimal, amounts of corroding substances.