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“Clean establishments attract more visitors”. This is not as easy as it sounds. Your customers constantly rate your establishment. Online, your name can be found everywhere. Good ratings greatly contribute to your success. The companies that benefit from our assistance are experiencing a sharp increase in the number of customers. Even those establishments that did not make use of the right products, methods and work schedules in time, now see their customers return. This is not just due to the products we make for you, but depends on a combination of factors, like employing the right method and a work schedule with clear instructions tailored to the needs of your establishment.

Hospitality sector

With many companies active in your sector, it is important to offer customers added value to ensure that they visit your establishment. Your customers think a clean and hygienic environment is of great importance. They constantly evaluate your business. No matter how attractively you present your food on gold-edged plates, if your customers’ area is not clean and hygienic, you will inevitably notice a drop in visitor numbers. Herli® assists you in offering the added value of clean and hygienic surroundings by providing you with the right products, proper methods and clear work instructions.

Return on investment

It is worth investing in a clean and hygienic establishment. A lack of hygiene may lead to the early departure of your customers. Other visitors may never find their way to your establishment at all because of negative online reviews. Herli® assists you in making, and keeping, your premises clean and hygienic without the hassle and without considerable additional investments. You would of course like to save costs when possible. You can render your activities more economically through the cost-effective use of resources and time. Moreover, if we can help you with this, we would of course be happy to do so.

Out or at home …

Increasing numbers of consumers eat out. In parallel with this development, the number of eateries is rising. Consumers are spending more and more on eating out, but also have a wider choice in restaurants due to the many entrepreneurs who are now entering the market. Challenge us and discover how we can help you save on man-hours and supplies!

Durability & safety 

Products that do not affect the durability of materials extend the life cycle of your expensive equipment. The goal is to clean equipment and furnishings and not to retain more dirt as the result of roughness caused by material corrosion. Floors should be safe and walkable and look clean and fresh without black joints. A floor’s anti-slip coating serves to prevent accidents. To remain effective, however, the coating needs proper maintenance. To safeguard materials, Herli® developed Gastroline as a tough cleaning agent for periodical and daily cleaning that helps protect materials. The Gastroline offers the ideal solution and is specially designed to be part of your HACCP system. The Tevan® Gastroline makes grease deposits, persistent dirt layers and scale a thing of the past. The Gastroline 7 Quick-Descaler is Kiwa-ATA certified and can therefore be safely drained.


Working together for a clean and hygienic environment


Herli system products for kitchen hygiene include special heavy-duty products developed for use in (mass) catering situations. Most products are compatible with HACCP systems since they are free from artificial fragrances and colors and are made with pure raw materials. The Gastroline 1 to 6 products are graded by increasing degrees of strength of their specific qualities, ranging from mild to very strong.

HACCP certification Herli sécurité sanitaire
Nettoyant et désinfectant cuisine

Fatty Foods….

Mess is an unavoidable side effect of food preparation. The list of overflows is endless: oil sprays during frying, food spillage during cutting, flying droplets while stirring. This is why you need a cleaner with powerful degreasing qualities. Employees spend unnecessary time trying to scrub grease and food residue, which is a waste of money. Since the final clean usually takes place at the end of the day, after closing hours, nothing is gained by using ineffective products. The cleaning tasks will take too much time while the results remain unsatisfactory and, as a result, people their motivation. Effective products, proper methods and clear work instructions enable you to start each day in clean and hygienic premises and with motivated staff. Your premises and your staff advertise your business. Herli® will be glad to help you.

The special approval and certification of the Tevan Panox® product family render it a proven solution to disinfect surfaces. Fully self-acting in removing organic contamination (biofilm).

It does not produce harmful degradation products and does not leave any residue when used properly.

The right products for your work area

Products specially developed for your sector.

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