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Herli Products

  • Certified disinfectants

  • Certified cleaners

  • Country specific homologations

  • Proven solutions

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Herli Equipment

  • Tools designed with the knowledge of users

  • The right tools for the job

  • Highest standard accessories

Trading products

  • Parts for the drinking water network

  • Devices and tools for the drinking water supply

  • Drilling equipment

  • Cleaning equipment

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  • Drilling and regeneration services

  • Water network cleaning and disinfection services

  • Reservoirs cleaning and disinfection services

Trusted partners

Ensuring reliability is not only within our own products. Carefully selected complementary equipment to serve you in your task is of uppermost importance. We take care of it.

Herli offers you products and equipment adapted to your needs. Our range of products consists of cleaning products and disinfectants for use in the water industry and other fields like industry or the hygiene sector. In addition, we also offer equipment and cleaning supply products to make sure you get everything you need. Finally, we offer a large assortment of equipment and machines for your cleaning and disinfecting maintenance.

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