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Herli gives you the means to preserve the quality of the networked water – Herli supports you in the intelligent and controlled management of your assets – A solid methodology, approved products, reliable equipment, efficient techniques.

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Disinfectants & Cleaning products

Approved products

Homologated & certified. Our products are being used in areas that directly affect the environment, therefore our products are certified to meet up to the highest standards.

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Developed with know-how in the field.

The right tools for the job

With the right combination of tools and chemistry from Herli, your job simply gets easier. Having the right balance within tools and chemistry supports safe and effective results.

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Sharing knowledge

What’s knowledge worth when keeping it all for yourself. Sharing knowledge supports our common goals. Our extensive knowledge is yours to use, it’s within both of our interests.


The water industry

Cleaning and disinfection are part of the maintenance in the water industry. Starting with a clean hose is the first step to clean water. Over time, the filter bed, pipes and filters from a source can become very dirty, among other things, from deposits of calcium, iron and manganese. Stubborn microbiological contamination also causes problems. Herli has developed special products to deal with these problems.

Clean is good, but hygiene is better

Tanks, pal rings, nozzles, etc. can also become soiled over time. Hygiene, therefore, requires constant attention. All Herli products used in the water industry to clean and disinfect water are free from aromatics and colorants that could affect water quality.

Hygiene also has an important role to play in the installation of transport pipelines. They must be installed and delivered hygienically. Bacteriological contamination can be avoided and eliminated with disinfectants from the Herli range for the drinking water industry.

Tap water

Clean water is delivered to the water meter. From the water meter, the supply of drinking water is the responsibility of the owner. This is usually not a problem, except when the Legionella pneumophila bacteria is involved. When an excessively high rate of Legionella is detected, it is clear that the preventive measures have failed. This type of situation requires curative measures. Herli offers several ways to treat affected behaviors.

Problems to solve?

Do not hesitate to visit the site or contact Herli to discuss the possibilities of problem-solving. With our range of products, materials and equipment, you will be able to bring and keep your situation under control and ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy clean and pure drinking water.

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A long way to go…

Water travels long distances to reach us. It’s a big challenge to provide clean and pure water. The path of water, whether pure or polluted, must be clean and reliable. Herli has been committed to this goal for many years and with great success. We believe it is a great honor to be able to make a contribution to ensuring that the drinking water we use meets our quality standards.


The products for the drinking water industry marketed by Herli meet the highest requirements. Special approvals and certifications guarantee that our products are safe and environmentally friendly. In addition, we have developed our own continuous quality controls during the production process. We can offer you the assurance of worry-free cleanliness.

Obviously, cleaning and disinfecting water pipes must not lead to additional contamination. The special approval and certification of the Panox family of products make it a proven solution. Panox products act independently in eliminating organic contamination (biofilm) and legionella in drinking water installations and pipes.

Does not cause dangerous decomposition products after use and leaves no residue when used correctly.
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Serving the water industry

Herli develops innovative solutions for the cleaning and disinfection of drinking water installations and for many other sectors. Herli guarantees efficiency, safety and protection of the environment in all sensitive areas. For Herli, cleaning and disinfection are inseparable, for “one only disinfects what is clean”. 

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