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Company founded in 1992 by Mr. Jean Marcel THOMAS

HERLI is a specialist in cleaning and disinfection techniques, materials and products for drinking water systems

Herli develops innovative solutions for the cleaning and disinfection of drinking water installations and for many other sectors. Herli guarantees efficiency, safety and environmental protection in all sensitive areas.

For Herli, cleaning and disinfection are inseparable, because “we only disinfect what is clean.” Herli’s first duty is keeping up with information about legislation in force and the obligations arising from it to ensure customers to work safely and according to new regulations and standards. Based on that information we diagnose, advise and train our customers and assure our products, methods, and devices to meet the new regulations and standards. “We always adapt our solution to the requirements! That’s how we ensure the optimal efficiency of Herli products and equipment for many years”.

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Our Mission

Herli develops innovative solutions for the cleaning and disinfection of drinking water installations and for many other sectors. Herli guarantees efficiency, safety and protection of the environment in all sensitive areas.
For Herli, cleaning and disinfection are inseparable, for “one only disinfects what is clean”.

Herli’s first duty is to provide information on the legislation in force and the obligations arising from it. Then comes the time of diagnosis, advice and training to our products, our methods and our devices. Because we always adapt our solution to your needs! Finally, we support you to prevent any drift and to ensure the optimal efficiency of Herli products and equipment for many years.


In all countries, the distribution of drinking water is accompanied by a complex regulatory regime, in which the protection of the environment takes an increasingly prominent place. The strength of Herli is to offer truly effective products that also guarantee compliance with all regulatory requirements.

European regulations (biocide directive, REACh) now provide a common reference framework for all countries and products. It takes into account, in total transparency, all the impacts on health and the environment. Herli products naturally meet these requirements.

Herli products and processes are designed to be effective in sensitive environments and are subject to a strict regulatory framework. For many countries we hold employment permits issued by the competent authorities. But attention: The provisions governing the use of a given product or component in a given field of application vary from country to country (drinking water, food contact, public or private spaces, etc.). If you have any questions, please contact us.


Safety is our first priority. It is inseparable from the name Herli. To guarantee the safety and tranquility of all, we offer products, but also the operating procedures, application materials, training and consulting that make the difference.

With Herli, your security requirements are taken into account from start to finish:

Operator safety

Safety of installations

Product safety throughout the supply chain

Environmental safety (releases)

Control of health risk, technical risk, environmental risk.


Herli affirms its commitment “to the service of water and the environment” since 1992. Beyond words and modes, this commitment is concretized by products whose impact on the environment is controlled and negligible with regard to Of the health benefits they provide, and offer a tangible alternative to the excessive use of chlorine. This commitment is also reflected in an unstoppable effort to inform and train good practices and good actions for men and women in the field.

Herli’s commitment to the environment has been recognized by ISO 14001 certification since 1996.
At the service of the environment, Herli uses the most natural and most effective disinfectant: hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide). This powerful oxidant destroys the micro-organisms, then decomposes into water and oxygen without generating any by-products. Hydrogen peroxide is always associated with a catalyst that reinforces its action and with stabilizing agents that guarantee its effectiveness over time. These preparations are simple and safe to use every day for bacteria, viruses, algae and molds.
Who is afraid of chemistry? Not Herli customers, who trust a responsible company, certified ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment). In accordance with the regulations, implemented with discernment, Herli products contribute to the improvement of the environment: elimination of pathogens and their feeder supports, protection of installations, reduction of the use of chlorine: a positive balance for all!


Herli is an independent company owned by French investors who believe in the great future of the environmental and healthcare professions. It combines various skills (chemistry, mechanics, hydraulics, logistics, marketing) around a central know-how: knowledge of the networks and the structures that compose them.

Technical service, sales department, logistics department, after sales service: choose your contact person, he will always advise you and guide you.

Research and Development also relies on various skills to anticipate regulatory changes and always propose innovative solutions:

Internal skills: chemistry, mechanics, water professions
Laboratory Tevan
Institutions and schools (CSTB, ENIL, …)
Suppliers and customers


Herli has put in place a simple and reactive distribution system that can deliver everywhere in France in less than three days, and everywhere in Europe in one week:

A main stock a few kilometers from Strasbourg, which meets all safety requirements for the storage of chemicals

A stock of proximity to all our partners distributors, which allows immediate troubleshooting for the main products (5 points in mainland France, 3 points in the French overseas departments, 6 points in Europe)

Transporters authorized and trained in the transport and handling of hazardous materials, and who respect the safety protocols of our customers.

Environmental advice: by anticipating your needs and consolidating your deliveries, you will reduce CO2 emissions … and you will save money!

* All items held in stock. Consult us for a confirmation of delay.

Always innovating

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Meet our team

Our team is ready to support you, feel free to contact us any time.

Eric VernayCEO
Yon HezemansManaging Director
Michel MeyerTechnical Director
Wissam WespiserAdministration
Eric RadouanTechnical sales representative North East
Maxence FrancoisTechnical sales representative North
Florian HeryTechnical sales representative North West
Udo SchachingerTechnical sales representative International
Luc MeissnerWater Network Technician
Christian LortzLogistics
David BotinasLogistics
Rosario CurtoWorkshop
Roseline DebusTechnical Secretariat

Sharing knowledge

Years of knowledge gathered in a document with extensive knowledge about inspection, cleaning and disinfection of water reservoirs and water pipes intended for human consumption is available for download.


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